Attica, Ohio, began in 1827 with the survey of the north-south "Columbus-Sandusky Pike," now Ohio State Route 4. In 1828 a petition was granted for the east-west "New Haven Road," now US Route 224. Thus, the "square" of the village was born.


The Village of Attica is an equal opportunity provider. 

Hydrant Flushing

The Village of Attica employees will be flushing fire hydrants the week of October 2, 2017 starting with the Caroline area and working their way back in to the Village of Siam. Time of flushing may vary with wach day.

Note: Flusing is an important part of a regular maintenance program for water distribution systems. Customers may experience a slight drop in water pressure or a temporary discoloration of their water while this program is underway. Although the discolor water is safe for consumption, customers should refrain for doing laundry while flushing is taking place. If discoloration should occur, the Viallge of Attica recommends allowing several cold-water fauctes to run for a short tume until the water runs clear.

Any questions, contact:
Gary L. Weis
Water Superintendent